Hybrid Energy Storage System

The electrictity power is stored into energy storage unit consists of lead carbon battery or lithuim battery via photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy generation technology. According to the function requirements upon project, the EMS management system could intelligently shift from frequency modulation mode to peak shaving mode, and then accomplish rapid response, accurate tracking, intelligent shift and maximum utility of energy storage function. The new energy storage system needs continue improvement on energy storage characteristics, system economy, rational allocation optimization and other aspects, in order to improve the transient stability of power grid, meet the power demand of heavy load area in different time, and also meet the frequency modulation demand. Tianneng Hybrid energy storage system is capable of shifts between peak adjustion and frequency modulation, which maximized the resource utility and made the system the standard facility for smart cities. The system boasts various advantages, like improving the power quality, maintaining the stability of the system, enhancing the economic benefits of energy utilization, all these fully reflect the green power, clean energy.
Various mode with one system
Intelligent shift from peak adjustment to frequency modulation
Rapid response with accurate tracking
ON/OFF-grid upon automatic selection
Green energy, clean resource
General Principles
The system is consist of photovoltaic and wind power generation unit.According to the characteristics of the battery, the lead carbon battery is used as the energy storage battery of the peak and valley adjustment system, and the lithium battery is used as the energy storage battery of the frequency modulation system. The hybrid energy storage system collects the information of power generation unit, energy storage unit, power network quality unit and load unit, and then the system automatically shift to peak and valley adjustment or frequency modulation mode through settings or monitoring mode, like if the energy storage capacity under the peak and valley mode is not enough, the storage energy under the frequency modulation mode can be shifted to its own, and the energy storage capacity will be increased. The system detects the power quality, operates the frequency modulation system according to the power network situation, which guarantees the power quality of the power grid and the load safety of the power side.

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