Intelligent Microgrid Energy Storage System

The TW series, designed with systematical high-efficiency, is a solution for Intelligent Microgrid Energy Storage System. According to different applications, shift from frequency modulation to peak and valley adjustment, the series integrated the system with various of module, like energy storage support unit, photovoltaic inverter unit, bidirectional converter unit, microgrid control unit, monitor unit, power & environment supervision system, fire protection unit and lighting unit. The system, by adopting Tianneng lithuim battery with excellence performance, designed for frequency modulation and energy storage boasts multiple advantages, like capable of high power discharge, longer service life, high reliability, cheap maintenance and so on. The system,by adopting Tianneng lead carbon battery with excellence performance, designed for peak and valley adjustment energy storage boasts multiple advantages, like longer cycle life, outstanding charge and discharge acceptance, lower heat generation, safty and reliability during high-temperature usage and so on.
The microgrid system is designed both for individual operation and parallel operation with the grid, and it can be adjust as required
The impact of volatility, randomness, intermittency in new energy generation can be well overcomed
ON/OFF-grid is both available and can be smoothly transformed to one another,it reduce the strike caused by new energy interventions in vast scale upon the electricity system
General Principles
The system, based on distributed generation, is capable of being integrated with public power grid through bidirectional converter store electrical energy and carry out a power supply network on user side. The network could manage the power load and power quality in small, distributed module. It could also implement the integrated operation between the internal power source and external load. By coordinated control with the main grid, the system can smoothly access the grid and conduct a series of movement, like peak and valley modulation, frequency adjustment, individual power supply and so on, to satisfy requirements for distributed power source access, power quality, safty and reliability of power supply on user side.

The system is highly recommended in applications like large scale zone, grid frequency modulation, industrial and mining enterprises, sea islands,and remote places where the power grid is hard to cover.

Series Lead Carbon Container
Model TWDH-20C TWDH-40C
Output Power(unit) 100 250/500
Lead Carbon Battery
0.2-0.4 0.8-1.0
Container Dimension(FT) 20 40
System Type Peak load shifting Peak load shifting
Series Lithuim Battery Container
Output Power(unit) 200 250/500 500 1000
Lead Carbon Battery
0.5-0.8 1.5-2.0 0.2-0.3 0.5-0.6
Container Dimension(FT) 20 40 20 40
System Type Peak load shifting Peak load shifting Frequency Modulation Frequency Modulation

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