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JIS/DIN/BCI Auto Battery - TA Series
The TA Series keeps consistent with JIS, SCI, DIN and EN standards with super cranking power which ensures denpendable start in cold weather, excellent corrosion-resistence performance in high temperature condition and great vibration resistence. The Series has longer life and lower internal resistence, is highly suited for cars, trucks, tractor and the starter for other vehicles as automobile battery.



EDF在线老虎机1。 High-strength green grid alloy: higher corrosion resistance than silver ion grid alloy, more stable and longer life

2。 High-rate lead paste formula, multiple pole plates, large electrochemical contact area, outstanding utilization of active material, large capacity

3, Quick start: the use of the world's most advanced continuous casting, rolling & punching technology, grid surface pretreatment, enhance the binding of active substances, improve the conductivity, and  the ability to quickly start. 

4。 Ultra-stable: using unique and patented positive and negative lead paste formulas to improve conductive materials, reduce water loss, decrease internal resistance, and maintain stable low-temperature capacity without attenuation; 

5. Adopt advanced high-pressure curing technology and high-temperature paste technology. Ensure that the battery capacity is stable and the service life is long.


●  Cars

●  Passenger cars

●  trucks, agricultural machinery, 

●  Construction machinery, ships

●  Special vehicles

●  Generator sets


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