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Lithium Cell-Pack
The lithium pack system is specially designed for pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles which require high-power output performance, safety, consistency, reliability, cycle performance, and good charge retention performance. The system, used Li(NiCoMn)O2 and LiMn2O4 materials, have a rational layout and excellent battery consistency. It is highly suited for applications where the discharge rate is generally below 4C.


1. The matrix-type bracket combination structure ensures compactness, vibration resistance and strength requirements and ensures sufficient space for heat dissipation is reserved for each battery core

2. Design and production are easy to achieve standardization, serialization, and have good extensibility, able to fullfill various energy levels and structural forms of energy packet application requirements

3. Independent research and development of BMS, the establishment of platform consist of standardized test and evaluation upon hardware and software, enable to build BMS system and architecture according to a variety of different application needs in short period

4. BMS real-time inspection within battery system, to mointoring its total voltage, operating current, insulation resistance, cell voltage, monomer temperature, etc.

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